Data Analytics Pipeline for Telecommunications

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The Telecommunication industry is undergoing a major transformation using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. A Data analytics pipeline solution from ATS is an effective solution built from open source components, capable of real-time data processing.

The Motivation for Telco Data Analytics

The major objective of Telecommunications has remained the same over the years: to transmit voice and data over long distances. But in recent years, big data and data analytics is ingrained into the DNA of modern Telcos. A huge amount of data is generated from Telco data centres that run many software and hardware infrastructures. With the rapid increase in the number of connected mobile devices and smart phones for internet access, there is a strong requirement for Telcos to analyse the infrastructure, network insights, and customer behaviours. A potential Data analytics solution can help Telco providers to enhance profitability through network service optimization, security, and improved customer experiences.

Some examples of data analytics application area for Telcos include:

  • Network management and optimization
  • Security
  • Real-time analytics
  • Price Optimization

Data Analytics Pipeline

The data analytics pipeline from ATS built with opensource software components that ingest data from multiple data  sources. This pipeline consists of modular blocks that process and correlate data to provide network and business intelligence. Open-source technology allows our analytics solution to be cost-effective and easier to manage. This solution processes data in real-time and generates meaningful results that can be displayed on the Dashboard for Telco operators or shared in the form of reports. Our solution is based on a micro-services architecture, orchestrated by Kubernetes.  Kubernetes is an industry adopted container orchestrator that provides application scaling, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing.  

Figure 1: Data Analytics Pipeline Architecture

Salient Features of this Solution

  • Plug-n-play
  • Quick decision-making with real time data analytics
  • Intuitive dashboard providing network and business insights
  • Built with industry adopted Opensource Software components
  • Supports variety of data sources such as Syslog, sFlow, Net Flow, SNMP, KPIs, Libvirt, and so on.
  • Permits customizations for specific needs


Customers gain value in using an open-source solution for data analytics. 

  • At least 30% lower CapEx​ 
  • Significant reduction in OpEx by using COTS hardware

Example Use Case: 4G Network Analytics

The EPC and IMS nodes of 4G mobile networks are distributed nodes (also known as services) that handle the control and data plane of mobile subscriber sessions. These nodes previously ran on proprietary hardware platforms but now with the advent of NFV and SDN, they are designed to run on COTS hardware using virtualized infrastructure.

These services handle a tremendous amount of signalling and subscriber data traffic. Statistical data is retained to provide network insights to the operators. These services are generating log messages for debugging and tracing purposes. Additionally, the platform running these services generates its own set of data to monitor its availability and performance.

Figure 2: 4G Network Analytics

The data pipeline solution has the capacity to process collected data for:

  • Data visualization
  • Subscriber QoE for VoLTE calls
  • Capacity planning
  • Network optimization
  • Closed loop automation
  • Find RCA

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