Cloud Services

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Cloud Services

Are you in search of a possibility to migrate your best services into the cloud or to build cloud native applications for your operations or clients? We at ATS can make it easier for you by offering you our computing services that can aid you in enjoying the business swiftness, flexibility and cost cutting.

  • Mass Migration
    Mass migration or “lift & shift” is becoming a very convenient approach to move to the cloud. With each passing day clients are upgrading their workload with a lift and evolve approach to better use cloud services. Mass migrations help business owners understand what workloads are easily ported, when workloads require updates or refactoring, and how to modify their process, train their employees and leverage new technologies for a convenient and scalable solution.
  • Cloud Native & DevOps
    Cloud native applications are playing a great role in changing the world and how we operate in it. Mostly, these are new applications or new companies launching a product, whereas businesses today are realizing the full benefits of the cloud by picking a cloud native and DevOps approach and process to support CI/CD either after migration or with new initiatives.
  • Cloud Security
    Cloud security is a dynamic natured solution that is easy in deployment in shared infrastructure but this also puts premium on security, data control, governance and reliability. You can minimize all sorts of security threats by adopting new training for your employees, understand the technology and improve business process. ATS has been successfully securing public and private cloud services since years now. We are a cloud native company and for our clients, cloud security is a multi-layer, shared responsibility approach to defending infrastructure, applications and data.
  • Cloud Optimization
    Moving to cloud is not a big decision but how to make a choice for your business that compliments and optimizes solutions is. ATS not only offers you a cloud migration service but our coordination team makes sure to consult with you and provide you options that most suit your idea and expression towards your clients.
  • Cloud Monitoring
    ATS offers a consolidated approach to monitor your virtual infrastructure, on-ground IT environment, and cloud infrastructure… all on a single platform so that you can keep an eye on the bigger picture. You can monitor usage and performance running in AWS or Azure environment. You can have a comprehensive view into the health of your servers and check status anytime you want.


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