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An expert in open source networking software and software-defined networks (SDN) from the datacenter to the edge, ATS brings open networking and SDN expertise to our customers.

Opensource is a core part of ATS DNA. We truly believe in working with the community to achieve greater collective success. ATS is a proud member of LINUX Foundation and has been active in multiple projects. We help our customers embrace Opensource with full confidence and provide the support structure needed to transform their network. ATS is at the Technical Steering Committee of Linux Foundation projects and provide feature enhancements and customization according to our customers’ needs.


We love what we deliver. Our experience helps in smooth functioning.


Thanks to their expertise, our team of experts are best in the market.


We value our customers by creating and maintaining healthy business relationships.


ATS will not let you down. We offer support services to enable smooth functioning of your business.

To keep up with your competition

The pace of development in network services is ever-increasing, you need to adapt fast. So why not join powers with the trendsetters?