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ATS was started to bridge the gap between Software and Cloud expertise. Our team has subject matter expertise in networks, compute, and storage and develops solutions from an end user perspective.

At ATS, our extensive involvement with the Opensource community and delivering highly skilled software development projects enables us to offer our customers best of both the worlds. We offer you resources that are well versed with the skills that can create a refined, custom made and high quality product for your needs working along your team. We work with Customers team under their guidance to achieve the set goals.

Key features

  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise in Cloud
    private and public.
  • Application Migration:
    Whether it’s a simple lift and shift or the application needs to be refactored for cloud, ATS team focuses on making the Cloud transition successful for our clients.
  • Tailor made solutions:
    Solutions designed according to your network and business needs.
  • Open Source:
    We carefully evaluate the requirements to leverage as much Opensource as possible to reduce cost spending on proprietary software.
  • Efficiency:
    Ideas to make an efficient product for your audience to increase productivity.
  • Communication:
    Team at ATS is always up for your concerns to be addressed in time so that no ambiguity follows.
  • Time saving:
    Initial planning is done with the help of thorough communication with our clients so to reduce the time in production and design for a timely delivery.
  • Platform integration:
    We help you integrate third party data sources and technologies easily.
  • Satisfaction:
    We make sure our clients receive the utmost satisfaction and deliver to their audience with the same zeal.


We love what we deliver. Our experience helps in smooth functioning.


Thanks to their expertise, our team of experts are best in the market.


We value our customers by creating and maintaining healthy business relationships.


ATS will not let you down. We offer support services to enable smooth functioning of your business.

To keep up with your competition

The pace of development in network services is ever-increasing, you need to adapt fast. So why not join powers with the trendsetters?