Data Analytics Pipeline

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Telco Data Analytics Pipeline

We offer a data analytics pipeline built with opensource software components that ingest data from multiple sources. This pipeline consists of modular blocks that process and correlate data to provide business intelligence. Open-source technology allows our analytics solution to be cost-effective. This solution processes data in real-time and generates meaningful results that can be displayed on the Dashboard for Telco operators. Our solution is based on a micro-services architecture that is orchestrated by Kubernetes.


  • Customers gain value in using an open-source solution for data analytics.
  • At least 30% lower CapEx​
  • Significant reduction in OpEx by using COTS hardware
  • Kubernetes is an industry adapted container orchestrator that provides application scaling, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing.

Above is the reference data pipeline architecture which can be adopted and customized based on customer needs. 

Leveraging Kubernetes for Data Analytics

Kubernetes is an industry-adopted container orchestrator. Our data analytics solution leverages Kubernetes to bolster horizontal scaling, fault-tolerance, and load-balancing.

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