Managed Projects

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Managed Projects

ATS offers a holistic model guaranteeing end to end delivery on a ‘Scope of Work’ engagement. We provide an onsite project manager that is the Point of Contact for requirement gathering and keeping the customer engaged.

  • Custom made:
    The product is tailored exactly to suit your needs. You will have frequent consultation to refine design and interface
  • Expertise:
    Our team holds rich experience and expertise to deliver high quality solutions. We have some of the most professional engineers on board to define a result that will perfectly suit your needs.
  • Management:
    Our project managers hold years of experience to create a sophisticated solution for your needs that fits your budget and time constraints.
  • Designing services:
    We keep the consultation box open for the utmost satisfaction of our clients as to provide them the best designing services available in market.
  • Future Proofing:
    We believe in providing the best solutions and also to keep our clients in light for future optimization of the product. We ensure that the cost of our services is perfectly suited to deliverables and needs of our valued clients.
  • Viable and flexible:
    Our staff is allocated for our clients’ specific needs to create a minimum viable product that is best proven way to eliminate unnecessary expenses.

From scratch drafts to implementation, till its reviews and support, we are there to help your projects at all times. We deploy handpicked team members on developing your specific needs solution. We work with the customer’s vision and idea of creating a great internet solution for the end clients, and expedite the delivery by bringing all the required skillsets promptly under the same roof.

ATS offers you support services of;

  • Project drafts
  •  Specific technical details
  •  Timeline design according to your needs
  •  Implementation
  •  Reviews, feedbacks and adjustments
  •  post-project support service
  •  Work with project management professionals
  •  Cost optimization by purchasing tailor made solution for long term experience
  •  Save time by hiring us at the very moment you need us and for the time period you specify


We love what we deliver. Our experience helps in smooth functioning.


Thanks to their expertise, our team of experts are best in the market.


We value our customers by creating and maintaining healthy business relationships.


ATS will not let you down. We offer support services to enable smooth functioning of your business.

To keep up with your competition

The pace of development in network services is ever-increasing, you need to adapt fast. So why not join powers with the trendsetters?