Telco Data Analytics

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Telco Data Analytics

Why Telco Data Analytics 

Telco industry is highly dynamic and challenging with cut-throat competition. A huge amount of data is generated from the software and hardware infrastructure of Telco operators which needs to be processed for business intelligence. Telcos also have a huge database of customers whose desires and needs are evolving constantly. It is important for Telcos to have a good data analytics solution to improve their efficiency and effectiveness to meet the imposing needs of their customers.

What We Offer 

Telcos collect huge amounts& of data including, but not limited to KPIs, software and hardware events, network statistics, nature of data traffic, and subscriber behavior. We help Telco companies to make effective use of this data for improving their business. Our data analytics solution derives effective and efficient intelligence from that huge data for network service optimization, predictive maintenance, security, network planning, and proactive measures.

Our Analytics Services 

  • Customized software development for data analytics and Machine Learning with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Managed services for complete analytics solution including hardware and software.

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